Our Services

redshape Diagnostic hearing evaluations for adults and children
(age 5 and up)

blk triangle2Otoscopic Examination

blk triangle2Acoustic Immittance Measures (Tympanometry & Acoustic Reflexes)

blk triangle2Pure Tone & Speech Audiometry

blk triangle2Counsel patient and family on the results and recommendations

blk triangle2Determine need for treatment/referral to physician

redshape Hearing instrument selection to meet patient’s needs

blk triangle2Most manufacturers available

redshape Hearing aid fittings

   blk triangle2Real ear measurements

   blk triangle2Advice and counseling on the use and care of hearing aids

redshape Cerumen Management

       blk triangle2Adults only

redshape Minor hearing aid repairs on-site, maintenance, cleanings, and repair warranty extensions

blk triangle2All manufacturers repair

blk triangle2Electroacoustic Analysis

redshape Custom hearing products, including musicians' earplugs, swim molds and hearing protection

redshape Assistive Listening Devices, including FM & Bluetooth technology, alarm clocks, doorbells, television and phone ampliers.

redshape Hearing Aid Accessories Sales

redshape Battery Sales

blk triangle2Size 10 (yellow)

blk triangle2Size 312 (brown)

blk triangle2Size 13 (orange)

blk triangle2Size 675 (blue)


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