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At American Hearing Aid Center & Audiology Services we strive to provide high quality hearing healthcare with competence, compassion and integrity. American Hearing Aid Center is locally owned and operated. We have been serving the Oklahoma City Area since 1976 and we are committed to using the most recent research and cutting edge technology to provide the
highest quality of care to better serve our great community.

At American Hearing Aid Center & Audiology Services, we are proud to state that you will ALWAYS be evaluated and counseled by an in-house licensed Audiologist and your instruments will ALWAYS be serviced by a licensed Audiologist.
Our clinic is staffed by Doctors of Audiology who hold Certificates of Clinical Competence in Audiology
from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

redshape Did you know that…

•Approximately 36 million Americans have hearing loss?

•Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States?

•Over half (65%) of the people with hearing loss are younger than age 65?

•Hearing impairment, when left untreated,
can decrease your quality of life by negatively impacting your social and emotional well-being?


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